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Ferrex 4.5 x 45 DRYER 700Kw

ASR Separation Solution

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2016 Ferex Dryer
Under 4000 Hr and in good operating condition
The electrical dryer has been designed to operate outside or in a building above 40 deg. F. It is
designed to remove up to 10% of starting weight of moisture of 20,000 lbs hour material. A
moisture sensor located at the discharge will monitor the moisture content of the material leaving
the dryer and will adjust the amount of heat as required to maintain the desired discharge material
moisture levels.
Primary heater consists of 700KW heater unit with a 3,000 to 6,000 cfm fan that injects hot clean
air between temperatures of 200 f up to 700 f into the electric dryer.
Secondary heater consists of 150 kw heater unit with a 600 cfm fan that injects hot clean air
between 200 f up to 700 f into the electric dryer’s byproduct ducting to keep the air from not
Baghouse is sized to capture all the byproduct material and have the moisture exit to

The two heaters for the dryer are located in Rock Falls, IL and will be shipped separately to the buyer.