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BHS Rotor Impact Mill RPMX 1516

Manufacturer Rebuilt

  • Location Georgia
  • Equipment ID 27614

  • Item # 284782
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BHS Rotor Impact Mill RPMX 1516

Completely Factory Refurbished and never placed into service.

Usage areas:

Metal Composites:

Separation of metal composites and pre-crushed ferrous and
non-ferrous metals such as cans, window profiles, shredded
electronic waste, and shredder heavy fractions

Ductile metals:

Cleaning and shaping of ductile metals into balls

Brittle-hard materials:

Crushing of brittle-hard materials in order to separate from
composites, e.g. remnants of glass in window profiles and
ceramic remnants on metal parts

Electrical and electronic waste:

Liberation of composites used in electrical components,
such as assembled and disassembled printed circuit boards,
switches, connectors, and other plastic-metal composites

Application examples:

Plastic composites:

Separation of composites of hard and soft plastics


Treatment of waste incineration/foundry/steel mill/salt cake,
slags, dross in order to release and clean the metals

Shredder fractions:

Separation of entangled materials such as shredder light

Cables and strands:

Release and shaping of non-ferrous metals into balls


See Manufacturer specifications attached