Buying Equipment on DADE Auctions
  1. First step: Sign up!
    Signing up will give you free access to email updates on upcoming auctions and you’ll be able to browse the entire site!
  2. Place a Bidder Deposit
    To verify that you’re a real person we require a bidder deposit to be placed prior to allowing anyone to bid. A hold (not a charge!) of $2,500 will be placed on your credit card for one week.
    You can place your bidder deposit here.
  3. Request an Inspection / Get Financed
    If you would like to inspect the equipment you can click the "Request Inspection" button on any item. When you click the button fill in a day that will work for you. There is no guarantee that the day you request will be available, but we will work with you and the seller to find one that does.
    All equipment on the DADE Auctions website is sold AS-IS unless otherwise stated. We always recommend potential buyers inspect any item before placing a bid or clicking Buy Now.

    If you would like to finance the equipment you'll be bidding on now is the time to start the process. You can click on the financing link on the item page or in the main menu to be taken to our financing partner. You'll work with them to get approved and they'll pay your invoice when you win!
  4. Bid!
    With a valid bidder deposit you’re now free to bid on any item you want! DADE Auctions uses proxy bidding, so you enter the max amount you’re willing to pay and the website will bid in increments up to that amount, should other people be bidding against you. If the item is a Buy Now item all you have to do is click Buy Now or enter an offer for us to take to the seller. Please note that there is a buyer’s premium (as shown on the product's page) that will be added to your final invoice.
  5. Win!
    Just like any other auction, if you have the highest bid when the auction ends you’ve won the item! You’ll get an email confirming you’ve won the item, and you can view you invoice here:
  6. Pay
    Now for the not so fun part: paying for the equipment. When you win an auction the $2,500 hold on your credit card will be processed as a non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance, as well as our wire instructions, can be seen on your invoice. The balance is due within 5 business days via wire. Please include your invoice number when sending your payment!
  7. Pick up your equipment!
    Back to the fun part: picking up your equipment! When we receive the remaining balance on your invoice we will send you a message with the contact information and location for your equipment.
    If you need a rigging provider to tear the equipment down you can find our preferred partners here:
    If you need a trucking provider for transporting your equipment you can find our preferred partners here: