How to sell your equipment on DADE Auctions
  1. Contact us!
    Reach out via any of the below methods:
  2. Sign some stuff!
    Fill out our listing questionnaire here and we'll start working on your listing agreement.
    When you fill out the questionnaire you’ll have three choices:
    1. Buy Now Listing: This is a fixed price listing with the ability to accept offers. You set the price and we market your equipment.
    2. Absolute Auction: This is a standard auction that sells to the highest bidder. NO reserve on this one.
    3. Reserve Auction: This auction has a reserve price that you set. There is an additional upfront fee for these auctions.

    Choose the one that’s right for your situation! You can move from a Buy Now listing to an Auction listing at any time.
    All of the options above are exclusive listings. You won’t be able to advertise your equipment elsewhere or sell it yourself while under contract. When someone buys your equipment it needs to still be there!
  3. Get some pictures taken!
    After you sign the paperwork we’ll work with you to get us photos of your machine. Nothing sells equipment better than a good set of pictures and a video of it running!

    Once we have the pictures on hand we’ll list your equipment whichever way you chose in step two.
  4. Hosting Inspections
    All potential buyers are able to request an inspection of your equipment. We recommend this to everyone, and to have the best chance of selling your equipment you’ll need to accommodate all of these inspections. Some people just like to see things with their own eyes before spending any money. If someone requests an inspection we'll try to find a day that works for both of you.
  5. Sell your Equipment!
    When someone claims the highest bid or clicks Buy Now we’ll collect the money for the purchase. When we receive the proceeds from the sale of your equipment we’ll let you know and put you in contact with the buyer so they can schedule a time to pick it up.

    After the buyer has picked up their new piece of equipment we’ll send you the proceeds from the sale! It’s as easy as that.