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Complete Hammel Mobile Shredding System

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  • Location New York
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Complete Hammel Mobile Shredding System

System consists of:

2012 Hammel VB 950 DK Mobile Primary Shredder

  • S/N:156
  • 14,012 hours
  • 710 HP diesel engine
  • Dual shaft
  • Tilt-table infeed
  • Self-cleaning shafts
  • Automatic reverse rotation
  • Wireless remote control
  • One (1) folding discharge conveyor
  • This shredder is capable of processing car bodies, mixed scrap, engine blocks, aluminum, light metal, and white goods
  • Comes with a manufacturer rebuilt gear box, four (4) extra shafts, two (2) extra combs/screens, and other misc. rollers and small parts
    • Rebuilt gear box has a 1 year warranty from date of installation and must be installed within 1 year of purchase in order to be valid. Purchase date was 5/2020.
    • Seller is willing to install the rebuilt gear box for an additional cost to cover labor. Contact the seller via the "Ask Seller A Question" link in the listing above for further details.

2012 Hammel MMS 150 DK Mobile Metal Screen

  • S/N: TBD
  • 8,137 hours
  • Diesel engine
  • Three (3) folding discharge belts: oversized, ferrous, and nonferrous
  • Built-in Steinert drum magnet for ferrous separation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Screened material less than 150mm falls onto an integrated vibration channel, which feeds the material to the drum magnet
  • Ferrous parts are discharged from one side of the machine and nonferrous from the other, heading to the eddy current
  • All oversized material is fed out the far end

2011 Steinert MWA 1000E Mobile Eddy Current Separator

  • S/N: 11031009001
  • 10,146 hours
  • All electric system
  • Components powered by the included primary shredder
  • Vibratory infeed
  • Separates aluminum from shredded light fraction
  • Two (2) folding discharge conveyors
  • Built on a frame with solid rollers for portability; can be moved by roll-off truck with a lift hook

Three (3) Picking Station Houses and Sorting Belts

  • One (1) picking station house and sorting belt for ferrous parts coming off of the mobile metal screen
  • One (1) picking station house and sorting belt for shredded light fraction coming off of the eddy current
  • One (1) picking station house and sorting belt for aluminum parts coming off of the eddy current

This system is in good condition and comes with many spare parts.

WE will sell separately however we must sell the Hammel shredder FIRST asking $395,000 for Shredder and $80,000. for downstream.

When making an offer on the auction site for the shredder indicate if it is for the shredder only or for the entire system.

The system was just removed from service 02/15/2021 to do ground work for a new shredder moving into that location.

Please watch the video on the left of this listing to see it's capabilities and what is included.