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2017 Stokkermill Copper Recovery System


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2017 Stokkermill Copper Recovery System

I am selling a like new Stokkermill M-150 granulator with only 1,028 total hours. The machine is capable of doing up to 2,500 lbs of input per hour. Machine is designed specifically for doing auto harness wire, but has the capability of doing most any type of insulated wire (house wire, comm wire, extension cords, romex, #1 ICW, etc.) alum/copper radiators and aluminum radiators. We have taken very meticulous care of the machine for the lifetime with detailed maintenance logs available. Everything is wired for 480V 3-Phase power. The unit is turn key and is ready to shred copper and produce profits the minute it is installed. It will produce approximately 70% #1 chop, 28% #2 chop, and 2% #3 chop when chopping all auto harness wire. We added a rotating drum magnet under the finished copper conveyor, VFD to the copper sieve (vibrating drum that sizes the material) to change the vibration if needed, a warning light on the turbo for any amperage spikes to help regulate throughput, and multiple other upgrades to help day to day operation run more efficiently. 

List of major parts on the machine in order:

  • Single shaft pre-shredder with hydraulic pusher ram
  • Conveyor from pre-shredder to feeder with over belt magnet to catch any ferrous material
  • Feeder with steel belt and regulating auger to regulate material feed rate into the rotating mill. The feeder communicates between the pre-shredder and the mill to supply the right amount of material to keep the machine at optimal capacity.
  • Conveyor with head pulley magnet from feeder to rotating mill
  • Rotating mill with 10 rotating blades and 6 fixed blades. Changeable screens for whichever type of material you are shredding. Rotating auger to push material from mill to air transportation system for next step in operations.
  • Zig-Zag unit. This is used to transport the product through the rest of the system, cools the product, and also removes any large pieces of copper (romex) before going to the turbo or air table.
  • Turbo. This unit helps separate any pieces of material that may be stuck together or not quite small enough yet.
  • Air tables is the unit that does all the separation with a combination of shaking, table incline, and air passing through. Material either exits the front or the back of the air table depending on what type of material is being run, then goes through a series of conveyors, sieves, and magnets to complete the process.
  • Dust tower for dust collection/filtration
  • 2 stand-alone A/C units to cool the mill and turbo
  • Other support equipment that is not listed above - electrical panels, wiring from panel to panel, steel piping for the pneumatic material transportation, air duct piping from the machine to the dust collection tower, etc.

Spare parts list:

  • 4-6 sets of mill blades/knives - $5,000+ value per set
  • Extra paddles for the turbo
  • Extra interior walls for the turbo
  • Additional wall liners for the mill
  • Multiple different sized screens for the mill & pre-shredder
  • Complete set of belts for all of the conveyors
  • Extra air transport piping
  • Extra dust collection piping
  • Multiple new filters for the air table
  • Spare screens for the sieves
  • Miscellaneous spares that I am probably forgetting

Disassembly and loading onto buyer's trucks is included in the full asking price. Offers below asking should specify whether or not their offer includes disassembly and loading.

*The stationary electric material handling crane in the photos does not come with the system. It will be listed for sale separately in the coming days*